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About Tommy

Are you looking for a photographer who truly listens and cares about capturing your special moments? Look no further than Tommy. With a genuine passion for photography, Tommy's artistic eye seeks to bring out the best in his subjects, making them look their very best.

Tommy specializes in music (Live and studio), but he also loves working with families and covering special events  like weddings. His portfolio boasts incredible experiences with amazing couples and talented musicians. As the lead photographer for two of the Midwest's largest music festivals, Countryfest and Rockfest, Tommy knows how to capture the energy and excitement of live performances.

Two qualities that make Tommy stand out as a photographer are his attentive listening skills and his ability to seize the perfect moment. He understands the importance of being a good listener, valuing your input and desires. Your vision for the event matters the most, and he's here to help bring it to life. With his expertise in lighting and framing, Tommy ensures that your photographs will be unique and visually stunning.

If you're ready to discuss your photography needs, Tommy is just a call, text, or email away. He understands that meeting face-to-face is often the best way to understand your requirements, so he's happy to invite you for a cup of coffee or a cocktail to talk things through.

Hiring Tommy means feeling like a rockstar. Let him capture your precious moments, and you'll have beautiful, unforgettable photographs that truly reflect your unique story. Contact him today and experience the difference.

Tommy Sommers

952-994-7204 |

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